Friday, January 30, 2015

man, this is taking a long time..

between life, work, family, unexpectedness and an idea that'll take longer than the second coming of christ to realize to begin with--i noticed that it's been a year or more since i started this blog to document the project that will finally become a penny covered floor in the basement of my home that will serve as my work/art studio.  i've probable mentioned this before.

progress has been slow, but it's finally coming together.  the drywall and painting is done (after a few late nights after the kids went to sleep), and i've just completed the installation of a reclaimed cedar wood wall (the wood used to serve as a dock at the family cottage, so it's nice to reuse it here for fun).

stay tuned for some more progress photos, and the beginning of what i will anticipate being a loooong installation of the penny floor.  i'm lookin' forward to it!!

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