who am i?

let's see...i spend my days working in the animation industry drawing backgrounds and environments for animated television and film.  so, i basically draw all day--which is nice.  it often gets a little more involved than that, but i won't bother you with those things.

i also recently underwent a major home repair due to some piss poor construction work that happened before we took ownership of our house.  as a result, a new foundation had to be built where there wasn't one before, so lucky for me--bonus room!  as i slowly convert this room into what will eventually be a personal screen printing and drawing studio, i'm gathering pennies to cover the floor.

stay with me as i embark on this long, arduous, but delightfully fun endeavor...

for some more examples of my work and things that interest me, follow these links:

email: skanes13@hotmail.com
drawing samples: http://mikeskanesdrawingsamples.blogspot.ca/
personal blog: http://mikeskanes.blogspot.ca/
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/skanes13
twitter:  @skanesadelic
linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit

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