Wednesday, August 21, 2013

pennies, you say...

so..recently i've decided to take on the task of covering my studio floor with the nearly obsolete canadian penny.  this year, the canadian mint decided (to all our benefit, imo) that the penny was no longer needed as a valid form of modern currency.  i, on the other hand, have decided quite differently on it's validity.  i will cover my entire studio floor over the coming months with said pennies--and i will need a little more than 87,000 pennies to do this.  for those interested, that's more than 1,750 rolls of the copper units, amounting to somewhere in the neighborhood of $880CAD.

stay tuned, as i march ahead on what i think is going to be a long few months.  i've been collecting them seriously for a few weeks now, and i'm about an eighth the way there.  so, nowhere close...yet.

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